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This section of the site illustrates the Department of Political Science's governing structure. The department is headed by the Director, who represents the body for all legal purposes and guarantees its cultural independence and integrity. The department is autonomous in its organization and administration for the carrying out of its official role, as regards all expenditure upon contracts and conventions which concern it directly, with both public and private bodies, in compliance with the legislative norms in force, and at any rate excluding the possibility of administrative measures of a general nature or concerning questions which are the prerogative of other organs identified for that purpose by the statute of Sapienza University. The organs of the department are: the Department Council, the Director and the Advisory Committee. The Director of the Department is aided in the management of the department's activities by the Administrative Secretary, who as head of Administration coordinates administration and accounts and is responsible, alongside the Director, for the resulting decisions.

The Governance of the Department is composed by:

  • Director
  • Department Council
  • Department Committee