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Sapienza Confidential Counsellor


Sapienza Confidential Counsellor is Giorgia Ortu La Barbera.

The Counsellor, introduced by the Code of Conduct in the fight against sexual harassment, will advise and assist the victims and actively contribute to each case's resolution.

Watch our videos to find out more about the Confidential Counsellor and her important role. For English captions, please click on "Settings" -> "Subtitles" -> "English". 


You can email the Counsellor at

Dr Ortu La Barbera has long dealt with issues concerning differences within organisational contexts and the inclusion of diversity, organisational development focusing on people-oriented cultures. From 2017 to 2020, she collaborated with the Libellula Foundation, which works to combat and prevent violence against women and gender discrimination; she is an activist for the Lilith Women's Anti-Violence Centre.